8 Cities That Are Bitcoin Hotspots

Everyone now wants a slice of the Bitcoin pie, and the numbers of Bitcoin holders are increasing by the day. Today, many places and reputed merchants are accepting this cryptocurrency as payment. Crypto enthusiasts are even buying the Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs spread across many countries. While San Francisco, US’s tech capital, may be leading the race, there are quite a few unexpected crypto-cities slowly coming into the scene like Tel Aviv, Prague, Bangkok, and Buenos Aires. Here are some of the cities that have emerged as Bitcoin hotspots:

  1. San Francisco: This city features amongst the top ranking Bitcoin hotspots primarily because it is home to cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase. As many as 2 dozen merchants accept this cryptocurrency, including bakeries, restaurants, and bars. People can buy Bitcoins from Bitcoin ATMs.
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina: This city ranks amongst the leading Bitcoin cities in the world and the continent it belongs to is also a Bitcoin-heavy one. Cities like Venezuela, Sao Paulo, Bogotá, Columbia, and Caracas are home to many businesses that accept BTC.
  3. Vancouver: This city was home to the QuadrigaCX, a cryptocurrency exchange that had lost a whopping 180 million Canadian dollars in funds following its founder’s demise. But Bitcoin continues to have a string community support in this country. Vancouver has multiple merchants accepting Bitcoins and residents are able to access ATMs. The first ATM for Bitcoins started its operations in 2003 at the Waves Coffee House. Bitcoin automated trading bots were cropping up contributing to the increase in trade. Visit https://bitcoinlifestyle.io/ to learn more about how they help in efficient bitcoin trading.
  4. Ljubljana: This Slovenian capital and its biggest city has a small population in comparison to some of the Bitcoin hotspots in this list, but BitStamp made its debut here before Slovenians established their crypto operations in London and Luxembourg. This city has many Bitcoin ATMs and nearly 200 merchants accepting BTC.
  5. Amsterdam: This city is the headquarters of the payment services provider BitPay and mining hardware manufacturer Bit Fury. It has many merchants within the city accepting Bitcoins as payment, including barber shops, antique ring shops, and bike rental services. There are about a dozen Bitcoin ATMs for Amsterdam residents, and along with it, other cities of The Netherlands, like Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Hague, accept cryptocurrencies.
  6. Tel Aviv: This city is the financial center of Israel and one of the best known for startups. The merchants here are open to accepting Bitcoins and there are 2 Bitcoin ATMs for a population of 450,000. The city also has an Israel Bitcoin Meetup Group with 3800 members which is perhaps one of the most active today worldwide.
  7. New York: This is the technical and financial hub of the US and has nearly 3 dozen merchants accepting Bitcoins in 5 boroughs and buying Bitcoins from as many as 14 ATMs. The city is also home to Gemini Exchange that had been founded by the Winklevoss twins.
  8. London: The UK capital deserves to find a place in the list of the top Bitcoin hotspots globally because it is home to more than 130 ATMs where its residents can buy Bitcoins. Almost 50 retailers accept BTC while startups like Coin floor is one of the earliest Bitcoin exchanges to be set up. Besides, you will find many crypto Meetup groups here and dozens of Bitcoin groups.